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Sunday, December, 4th 2022

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Excel & Word Tips...

  • Skipping Excel 2

    In this post, the second in the Skipping Excel series, I’ll walk you through the details of the next iteration of this process. In case you […]

  • Skipping Excel 1

    Excel is used for many different tasks, such as budgeting, reporting, comparing bank statements, and other things. It can also be used to […]

  • What’s #REF in Excel and How to Fix It

    When a formula contains an invalid cell or range reference, the #REF! error is displayed. #REF! in Excel is short for reference, and you’ll […]

  • How to Clean Data in Excel – 8 Easy Ways

    Man sitting at a desk with an open computer learning How to Clean Data in Excel The post How to Clean Data in Excel – 8 Easy Ways appeared […]

  • CalCPA Article Instant Reconciliations

    When you have two different lists that you need to compare, how do you do it? For example, you want to identify which items on one list (e.g., a […]

Redditt – Excel Help

  • How to concatenate in Excel

    One of the most important operations in Excel formulas is concatenation. In Excel formulas, concatenation is the process of joining one value to […]

  • How to ask a question about Excel

    Every day, thousands of questions about Excel are posted on the internet. Many go unanswered because they are unclear, or too complicated to […]

  • 29 ways to save time with Excel formulas

    Formulas are the bread and butter of Excel. If you use Excel on a regular basis, I bet you use a lot of formulas. But crafting a working […]


    I've been playing around with the TEXTJOIN and CONCAT functions this week. These are both new functions in Excel 2016, introduced in the Office […]

  • How to find text with a formula

    Question: What formula tells you if A1 contains the text "apple"?This is a surprisingly tricky problem in Excel. The "obvious" answer is to […]

    • SEQUENCE Function in Excel

      In this tutorial, we will introduce you to the fabulous SEQUENCE function in Excel along with two ‘real world’ examples of its use. The […]

    • Sort by Drop Down List in Excel

      In this tutorial, we see how to sort by drop down list in Excel. We have a table containing details about pizza and their performance such as […]

    • Advanced SUM Function Examples – The Power of SUM

      This tutorial shows some advanced SUM function examples. The SUM function is far more powerful than many people realise, and this tutorial will […]

    • Display Negative Time in Excel

      Excel does not display negative time. So if you are working with negative times, there is a problem. Fortunately, there are ways to work around […]

    • Lookup Multiple Values in Excel

      In this tutorial, we will use Excel formulas to lookup multiple values and combine the results into a single cell, or row. We will also order […]

    • Macros with 32-bit API Calls

      I have a fairly slow running macro (~20 seconds) that works fine on one computer, but never finishes on another. If finally decided to figure […]

    • Name Manager updated

      Do you use Range names in Excel? Today I have updated my 100% free Excel Name Manager add-in with two new features: – Edit the name’s […]

    • RefTreeAnalyser: Two updates

      Hi There, It’s been a while since I last posted here. Today I have released an update of my RefTreeAnalyser utility. The tool now allows you […]

    • Opening a File from a Userform Disables Ribbon

      In Excel 2019 16.0.10361.20002 32-bit, when I open a file from a userform (which for me is always), the hotkeys on the Ribbon don’t work. […]

    • Excel Virtually Global Tue 21 July to Thu 23 July 2020 Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are technology experts who […]

    • Excel VBA Masterclass

      Hi there. Hope you and yours are well in these difficult times! This is just a very short announcement that I’ll be doing an on-line version […]

    Powerpoint & Public Speaking Tips...

    Jazz Factory

    • PowerPoint and Podcasts

      Generally, The Presentation Podcast is recorded remote with each person at their own place. But at the Presentation Summit I have used the time […]

    • PowerPoint and Friends (3)

      More PowerPointing with great people and great friends. Lori Chollar, Sandy Johnson and Jake Seelye at a conference this year troubleshooting a […]

    • PowerPoint and Friends (2)

      With PowerPoint, you get to work with great people - great friends. At a conference this year with Sandy Johnson and Echo Swinford! Troy @ TLC

    • PowerPoint and Friends (1)

      With PowerPoint, I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with my best friend (business partner and spouse!) - Lori Chollar. Troy @ TLC

    • PowerPoint Big and Small (part 2)

      The backside, technical side, of PowerPoint can be big - huge, or small. Image above is me with presentation computers connected to a broadcast […]

    Personal Development Tips...

    • How to Offend Christmas

      Generosity, joy, and kindness seem easier during Christmas. If we could flush commercialism it would truly be the most wonderful time of the […]

    • Some Childhood Aspirations Come True

      Some of my childhood aspirations come true. And some childhood aspirations drifted into oblivion. I’m delighted I grew up on a farm, but […]

    • 3 Powers of Proactive Worry

      Worry isn’t just in your head. You feel worry in your body. Some have stomach issues, others neck and shoulder pain. Chronic worry triggers […]

    • 6 Ways to Lead with Heart

      Lead with heart to get above the fog. 6 ways to lead with heart: #1. Get above the fog. Purpose is about heart. Declare the purpose of meetings […]

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