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Monday, November, 29th 2021

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      • Facebook Papers to be Released #1570

        Facebook papers to be released by Gizmodo and others upon review. Should be a great read to see the inner workings of Facebook. I am back from […]

      • Russia Blows Up a Satellite #1569

        Russia has blown up a Satellite into thousands of pieces and is recklessly endangering the other orbital satellites and the team on the […]

      • Apple Legacy Contacts #1568

        Apple is implementing Legacy contacts as a way for you to designate someone to get access to your iCloud account when you die and have access to […]

      • 65 Billion Broadband Plan or Scam #1567

        With the massive infrastructure bill passed will the 65 Billion earmarked for Broadband expansion actually work or will it just be a scam as it […]

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