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Monday, May, 16th 2022

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      • Apple iPod Touch end of an Era #1601

        Apple has decided to stop the production of the iPod Touch. This is sad as the first iPod debuted in 2001. So the series of devices have had a […]

      • Episode 1600!

        Episode 1600 is finally in the can with your host fighting a massive head cold. Super excited to take you down memory lane. Give out a prize and […]

      • Russia is getting Cyber Attacked #1599

        Finally, the table turns and Russia is on the defense as hackers go after targets in Russia. They seem to have great success. Considering […]

      • Elon Musk Twitter Acquisition Deemed Hostile #1598

        In late reporting, the Twitter board has deemed Elon Musk's offer to buy Twitter as unwelcome signaling that things are about to get ugly and […]

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