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Saturday, September, 24th 2022

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      The Art of PCB Reverse Engineering

      • Double Reviews

        It's not often you receive a review from a buyer of your books, much less to have a double reviews from the same buyer in one day. So it came as […]

      • Errata to Deciphering Schematics

        As much as I tried to ensure that all my books are published to the best quality, sometimes a thing or two still managed to elude me. I just […]

      • TCM Anyone?

        I've just completed translating a book for my friend from English to Chinese. While the first draft is under review, I thought it'll be good to […]

      • Amazon Ranking (US)

        As usual, a few weeks after its release, Deciphering Schematics hits the top chart for new release in the Electrical & Electronic Circuits […]

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