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Sunday, November, 28th 2021

  • William Arthur Ward

    "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."

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  • The Acrobatics of BQP

    Just in case anyone is depressed this afternoon and needs something to cheer them up, students William Kretschmer, DeVon Ingram, and I have […]

  • Scott Aaronson, when reached for comment, said…

    About IBM’s new 127-qubit superconducting chip: As I told New Scientist, I look forward to seeing the actual details! As far as I could see, […]

  • Q2B 2021

    This is a quick post to let people know that the 2021 Q2B (Quantum 2 Business) conference will be this December 7-9 at the Santa Clara […]

  • An Orthodox rabbi and Steven Weinberg walk into an email exchange…

    Ever since I posted my obituary for the great Steven Weinberg three months ago, I’ve gotten a steady trickle of emails—all of which I’ve […]

  • Welcome to scottaaronson.blog !

    If you’ve visited Shtetl-Optimized lately — which, uh, I suppose you have — you may have noticed that your URL was redirected from […]

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    The Art of PCB Reverse Engineering

    • A Word of Thanks

      Thanksgiving is a special season. It brings to mind the wonderful people we meet and the beautiful times and memories we had throughout the […]

    • By George!

      Happened to catch a re-telecast of Ocean's Thirteen on TV late last night. The plot was interesting and the cast of characters quite […]

    • The Author-Reader Dichotomy

      Not every book author takes pain in giving their readers the best reading and visual experience when it comes to the content and illustrations […]

    • What Goes Up Must Come Down

      That's as far as gravity is concerned, though there are those who argue it is the density of an object and not the gravitational force of the […]

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