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Saturday, September, 24th 2022

  • Amelia Barr

    "But what do we know of the heart nearest to our own? What do we know of our own heart?"

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Seth Godin

  • White glove service

    It’s not about the gloves. The pointlessness of the white gloves is actually a big part of it. […]

  • The chief hype officer

    The chief marketing officer at a big company has an impossible job. The typical duration of a CMO […]

  • The beef tax

    We’re all paying it, every day. In the US, taxpayers subsidize the cattle industry with billions […]

  • Is there a word for that?

    Experts have a word for it. If it’s important, conceptual or frequently discussed, there’s […]

  • “It’s just not that good”

    That might be true, but it’s worth being clear about it. Not that good for who? If you mean to […]

  • Easy in/Easy out

    The law is simple to describe, fair and useful: It should be as easy to unsubscribe from an online […]

  • The last 1%

    If you apply for something with a 99% rejection rate (which is more common than it sounds–job […]

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