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Hello All

Due to a not-so-friendly software update on the platform that hosts the Munro Library and the content for the daily newsletter, come the New Year, the daily newsletter will be formatted a bit differently. I will work on bettering the formatting as time allows.

Please note there have been three new sections added to the Munro Library that you will also see noted in the daily newsletter. Please see the details below:

  • New – A.) News Summary page and B.) News by Category pages. I know there are many at Munro who are news and information junkies. Because of the deluge of online ads and pop-up registration forms on websites nowadays I personally gather my news using an RSS feed aggregator which is, basically, an online tool used to extract the latest news from numerous websites and display it on a single page WITHOUT annoying ads or pop-ups. Hopefully these pages will help you get your news fix more efficiently.

As a side note, although RSS feeds are a great way to quickly scan current headlines from multiple news sources not every news website allows their content to be aggregated and displayed. Fortunately, many do.  Also, RSS feeds can be volatile creatures at times working well one day then not so well the next but then back to normal the following day.

  1.  News Summary page (link) – this page displays a few of the latest headlines for each of the categories below. It is a summary page. For further news headlines click to the desired category page.
  2. News by Category pages each category below has a separate page populated by various news feeds.* Click to the News Summary page and you will see the links to the individual pages.
    • Michigan & North America News
    • World News
    • Aerospace News
    • Assembly & Manufacturing News
    • Automotive & Transportation News
    • Batteries & Energy News
    • Business & Investing
    • Electronics & Computing News
    • Engineering & Design News
    • Resins, Metals & Materials News
    • Robotics, Automation & AI News
    • Latest Tech & Gadgets News
    • Science & Strange Stuff News
    • Tips, Tricks & Hacks
      • * Important: Many of the news sources used for the technical categories below were gleaned from the articles shared by the associates. If you have additional sources you would like included please let me know. Likewise, if a new category is desired let me know this also.
  •  NewOnline Resource Library – (Login required) this is just a searchable list (by category or keyword) of online resources including the resources that feed the categories above. As the disclaimer on the page states – “The resources below are by no means an exhaustive list of quality online resources. If you do not see a resource listed that may be of value please submit it via email. Thank you.”  
  • NewSupplier Links – (Login required) this was started recently and, like the Online Resource Library, will never be complete. Similar disclaimer applies – “The resources below are by no means an exhaustive list of quality Suppliers. If you do not see a supplier listed that may be of value please submit it via email. Thank you.”

Any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let me know. Have a safe and great Christmas and New Year!


Matthew Doehring



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